Reminder: Annual Meeting

Our annual membership meeting will be June 12th at 10am, at the boat ramp park. Due to Covid-19 precautions, no lunch will be served. If you cannot attend or feel uncomfortable attending, please consider using your proxy vote to designate another POA member to vote on your behalf. If mailed, I need to receive the proxy by June 11th. You can give the proxy to the POA member who will be attending on your behalf.

Annual lot fees and membership dues are due by June 30, 2020. You can (1) mail them to our PO Box 874, Burnet, TX, 78611, (2) bring them with you to the meeting, (3) place them in the POA mailbox located near Jim Lee’s home, or (4) bring them to my home (1305 CR 133).

Taxes and Internet

Hello, everyone,

Property Taxes. You may have recently received a tax increase notice from the Burnet County Appraisal District. Kevin Benz found a local real estate agent – Bruce Jones – who handles property tax protests on your behalf ( So if you want to protest your tax increase, but are uncertain about handling it yourself, this may be an option to investigate.

Internet. I know that internet in our area is very limited. My husband, John, has been investigating different options and the new Starlink system by Elon Musk should be available in our area in mid to late 2021. Its a satellite based system, so no line of sight to towers is required. And the speeds and latency issues of other satellite systems are supposed to not be an issue. You can learn more here: Just wanted to get that on your radar in case it interests you.

Last update. We had a very small meeting of the Executive Board/Trustees/Committees this past Sunday. You should receive an update from us soon, along with our annual property dues notice. We decided to have an in-person membership meeting at the boat ramp, the 2nd Saturday of June at 10am. More info to follow in our annual president’s letter.

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Burnet CISD Bond Information

For local residents…

Early Voting for the May 2021 Bond Election begins next week, April 19th, at the Agrilife Building (607 N. Vanderveer, Burnet, TX 78611). The dates and times for Early Voting are listed at the link below. When voting, please make sure you cast a vote on each Proposition- A, B, C and D.

More information can be located here:

Broadband Internet Survey

Today I received an email from Burnet CISD regarding interest in expanding broadband internet in our community. I know that many residents have expressed interest, so I wanted to share this information with you.

Survey to Expand Broadband Internet Services
To help develop a plan that will identify demand and options for expanding broadband services in Burnet County, the Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) and Connected Nation are seeking participation from parents, teachers and community members in a survey. Getting the plan completed hinges on the number of survey responses. The minimum acceptable number of responses to allow Connected Nation to learn about demand is 2,076 households; the three-county area of Blanco, Burnet and Llano Counties currently has a response rate of 45 percent.
Please consider taking the survey. The survey is available until October 30 at

Political signs in community

To all the homeowners in Morgan Creek Village,

For safety and neighborhood aesthetics, please locate your political signs near your residence.  Our roads are narrow so staying on the pavement is difficult when passing and some residents walk at night.  Signs near the pavement are a hazard for both. A number of signs have disappeared at night causing animosity among some residents.  We need to be good neighbors with differing opinions.  Thank goodness we have that right!

Don Morris, President, MCVPOA

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Annual Summer Meeting Canceled

Dear MCVPOA Members,

Due to Covid19, we will NOT meet this Saturday as we normally would for our annual meeting. We plan to cancel the annual membership meeting this year due to safety concerns from Covid19. In lieu of our annual meeting, the Executive Board will meet to discuss POA business and the Executive Board will work with the Board of Trustees to approve our annual budget.  If you need to voice concerns to the Board, please direct them to our president, Don Morris, at or 713-854-4222. We will mail additional information and the annual assessment invoices later this month. Thank you!

School Bond May 2020

In May, the community will be voting on two Burnet CISD bond propositions. The previous bond proposition in the Fall did not pass because many voters thought it would raise taxes, which it does not. If you want to learn more about the bond, the school district created a website with more information:

There is also a helpful information sheet that includes more about the different propositions, what they include, and the property tax implications:




Neighborhood Helpers

Hunter and Hailey Barker who live in Morgan Creek Village would like to earn some money helping do chores around the neighborhood. If you need a pet sitter, plant sitter, yard waterer, or just some youngsters to weed gardens or do household chores, call Lisa Barker at 512-796-9857.

Annual Meeting June 8th

A friendly reminder that our annual member meeting is next Saturday, June 8th at 10:00am at the Boat Ramp park with lunch to follow. Please rsvp to for an accurate headcount for food. Thank you!

Important Reminders


1. This weekend- May 18 & 19- is the annual Spartan races at Reveille Peak Ranch. This even brings is thousands of participants and traffic on RR 2341 is unusually high. It can talk an hour or more to get from the neighborhood to Burnet given the traffice delays. Races begin at 7:30am and the last heat starts at 2:30pm on both days, but traffic will be bad all weekend.

Alternative route: From Morgan Creek Village, take CR 110 through the Fry’s ranch to CR 108 which will meet up Hwy 281 North of Burnet. This is a dirt road with 5 livestock gates to open and close, but its also a beautiful drive.

2. Our annual meeting is June 8th, 10:00 at the Boat Ramp Park with a lunch to follow. Please RSVP to me if you plan to attend so we can get an accurate head count for food. If you cannot attend please send your proxy to me via email or to the MCVPOA PO Box or  to whoever you designate to vote on your behalf. Email:

Neighborhood alert

Two of our community members recently reported suspicious activity at their homes on March 23rd around midnight (you may have seen the post by Miriam on NextDoor). The incidences happened on Morgan Creek Drive. One homeowner heard someone open and close their screen door and the homeowner next to them reported that someone rang their doorbell, but when they answered the door, no one was there. Both incidences are being reported to the sheriff’s office. If you notice any suspicious activity at your home, please report it as well and relay the information to a MCV board member so we can communicate with our community members.

Boat ramp closure

Luke’s Asphalt Paving started the Debo and Crest resurfacing project yesterday and will complete the project around noon today. Once they complete the Debo and Crest roads, they will start the Boat Ramp Park resurfacing project. The resurfacing should be completed by Friday afternoon. In order for the surface to properly harden, the Park and Ramp will be closed today through Sunday.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jim Lee, President MCVPOA

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Road project begins

Luke’s Paving will work on Crest and Debo Drive this week. There will be more truck traffic than usual. Stay tuned for more information about when the boat ramp paving will begin.

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