IMG_2860This page contains useful resources for learning more about Lake Buchanan and the local community. Contact Lindsey Mohan Hawkins at if you would like to add resources to this list.

Septic systems: LCRA On-Site Sewage Treatment (OSST)

On-Site Sewage Facilities Program

Electric connection & tree trimming from power lines: PEC

Connecting Service

If trees near PEC equipment are creating a hazardous situation, please call 888-554-4732.

Water: There is no community water option.

Other community resources

For more information on electric shock drowning prevention:

For property owner and tax information visit the Burnet Central Appraisal District:

For information about LCRA meetings and events visit the LCRA public calendar:

For information on rainfall and lake levels visit the LCRA water summaries and Hydromet data:

For information on the activities of the Central Texas Water Coalition visit their website:

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