Park Committee

image1The Park Committee is composed of five community members responsible for overseeing plans for the maintenance and improvement of property owners’ common areas and parks. They oversee boat ramp improvements, clearing dead and/or overgrown brush and trees, and developing strategic plans for long-term improvements in POA property (e.g., roads). If you have ideas for improving the parks and common areas, please contact Stan Arnhamn.

Two important reminders:

  • The combination to the gate lock is not to be shared with contractors. If you have a contractor working on your dock, they can access your dock using the boat ramp with notification to the POA President (Don Morris at You must meet the contractor at the park to give them access without sharing the code.
  • No renters are allowed access to the boat ramp park per POA convenants (Section VII. 14)

Park committee members:

Stan Arnhamn (Chair):

Mike Wimberley

John Franklin

John Smith

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