171_7117Like all POA communities, Morgan Creek Village has covenants to guide the improvement and maintenance of community property, as well as property privately owned by POA members. These covenants are voted on by community members and therefore represent the norms that community members want to uphold with respect to individual and community properties. The bylaws are an additional governing document that speak more specifically to the role of the Executive Officers and Board of Trustees in overseeing POA activities. These documents should be read by current and prospective community members, to familiarize oneself with the expectations of the association, and rules and restrictions.

Important things to remember:

  • Boat ramp park is for use by POA members only. No renters or contractors are allowed. If a contractor needs access to the boat ramp park, seek approval from POA president and meet the contractor at the gate to give access. Do not give out the code, please.
  • Domestic animals must be on private property or under control of owners. ‘Under control’ means physically contained by a fence, rope, leash and/or other means including invisible fences or shock collars. Call the Burnet County Sheriff’s Dept (512) 756-8080 and speak with the sheriff deputy assigned to animal control for more information and read the Burnet County Animal Control.
  • Speed limit is 25 mph in the community. Please drive like your children and grandchildren live here.
  • Any new construction or remodeling must be approved by the ACC prior to beginning the project.

MCVPOA Bylaws : MCVPOA Bylaws Passed June 2013

MCVPOA Covenants: MCV – Covenants-Conditions-Restrictions

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