Road project begins

Luke’s Paving will work on Crest and Debo Drive this week. There will be more truck traffic than usual. Stay tuned for more information about when the boat ramp paving will begin.

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Spider Mountain Bike Trails


Spider Trail Map


Information about CTWC


The Central Texas Water Coalition advocates for
* Responsible water management policies that minimize fire risks, risks to the drinking water supply and adverse economic impacts that result from very low lake levels
* Equitable pricing for water to encourage conservation by all
* Use of current scientific data in water management decisions

Support the CTWC’s work to advocate for responsible water management policies, equitable pricing and greater conservation by all.



In 1977, responding to scandals in federal and state institutions, the Texas Legislature passed the Texas Sunset Act to restore public confidence in state government. This law establishes a review process for state agencies to ensure that state government is transparent and responsive to the people of Texas. Reviews conducted by the Sunset Advisory Commission (Sunset) create a unique opportunity and powerful incentive for the Legislature and stakeholders to look closely at each agency and make improvements, which can result in changes to relevant laws or different ways of managing an agency.

In 2015, the Texas Legislature expanded the list to include the 18 river authorities. The river authorities will be scrutinized regarding their governance, management, operating structure, and compliance with legislative requirements.

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) is up for review right now – and the Sunset staff is conducting research and analysis to evaluate the performance of, and the need for improvements to, the LCRA.

YOUR comments are needed now. Public input is confidential and not subject to public disclosure. This is the time to share your specific issues about LCRA and recommend possible solutions for those issues.

Please take advantage of this rare opportunity to present your views on LCRA’s efficiency, effectiveness, fairness, and public accountability in the performance of its duties (excluding its electricity operations), so your comments will be considered by the Sunset staff.

Once the evaluation phase of the review is completed, Sunset staff publishes a staff report, which contains recommendations for the Sunset Commission to consider. Recommendations can suggest changing the state laws governing the agency, or can direct the management of the agency to make improvements.

Please submit your comments as soon as possible by email, phone, mail or online form to:

Erick Fajardo, Project Manager Email:

Online form at:

Phone: (512) 463-1300; Mail: Sunset Advisory Commission, PO Box 13066, Austin, Texas 78711

Below is a brief summary of the issues that Central Texas Water Coalition raised with the Sunset staff.

Improving LCRA: Considerations for the Sunset Advisory Commission

The Central Texas Water Coalition recognizes and supports the vital role that the Lower Colorado River Authority plays in the management of water resources for the Lower Colorado River Basin. CTWC wants to ensure sustainability of water availability while supporting environmental flows for the entire basin. We must all rethink the way surface water is utilized.

To meet the challenges of LCRA’s critical role, we offer these recommendations:

· Improving LCRA transparency. Review of water ratemaking processes with improvements in transparency and opportunity for meaningful public participation, including disclosure and explanation of all components of firm and interruptible rates, and real opportunity to challenge a rate at the state level. In all aspects of LCRA’s operations and decision-making processes, assure that complicated water management matters can be reviewed and understood by all stakeholders.

· Addressing inequities. Review of LCRA’s water sales contracts to assess their fairness and effectiveness in recovering LCRA’s costs. Assure that firm water customers are not unfairly burdened with costs associated with water deliveries to other customers.

· What costs money, gets conserved. Review of LCRA’s interruptible water sales and water rates, with a focus on their effectiveness in promoting conservation and meeting LCRA’s obligations under the terms of its state-issued water rights and the 1989 Adjudication Order.

· Science matters. Review of LCRA’s methods for determining water availability and selling water, in view of the tremendous population growth in Central Texas and the ever-present threat of drought and reduced inflows from the watershed. Assure that LCRA, which is entrusted with tremendous volumes of state-owned surface water, uses best available data and science to evaluate those water supplies, and manages and protects that water supply in accordance with the terms of its water rights.

· What gets measured, gets managed. Improve measurement and efficiency of agricultural interruptible water use and water losses, with solutions for minimizing those losses and recovering those costs.

· Improving LCRA governance. Review of LCRA’s governing board structure to avoid the risks posed by conflicts of interest.

· Due Process Right of Review. Develop a practical mechanism for challenging rates set by wholesale water suppliers. Affirm the stakeholders’ rights to participate in the state’s review and approval of the LCRA’s future Water Management Plans, including participation as a party in a contested hearing.

Geese lovin’ the park improvements

The park committee has made some much needed improvements to our boat ramp park. Installation of railroad ties and mulch should help to keep our trees healthy. The geese seem quite happy too.Geese At Boat Ramp.jpg

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Property Taxes

Dear Neighbors,

I wanted to share the Superintendent, Keith McBurnett’s, letter to the school district concerning the increase in property taxes in our area this next year.


“As a reminder, I write an article for the local papers and the BCISD web site every couple of weeks during the school year. The articles can be found under the District tab at Because of the importance of school funding, I want to share my most recent article with you directly. As always, thank you for your support of Burnet CISD!

The District has been working on developing its budget since January and conducted its first budget workshop in March. The next budget workshop is scheduled for June 4.  A key data point in developing the District’s budget is property values. Burnet County property value estimates were provided to the District by the Burnet Central Appraisal District on April 25. The District had been working under the conservative assumption of a 5% property value increase for the upcoming school year, but the actual estimate came in higher at 9%.

I want to make clear that Burnet CISD does not determine property values, but it is important to understand that State law requires the Burnet Central Appraisal District to appraise properties at least at 95% percent of market value or else the appraisal district fails the Comptroller ‘s ratio study and the State reduces funding to local schools. The State Comptroller’s ratio study compares sales prices with appraised values set by the county appraisal district. Burnet County was determined to be under the 95% threshold in 2017, and is in a grace period. If Burnet County does not pass the comptroller’s ratio study in the future, Burnet CISD and Marble Falls ISD could both lose millions of dollars in state funding.

The District does set two tax rates each year- Maintenance and Operation (M&O) for day to day operation of the District (salaries, utilities, transportation, etc.) and Interest & Sinking (I&S) to pay off the District’s debt related to bond programs. The District’s M&O rate is currently $1.04 and is as low as it can be without being penalized by the State. The I&S rate was lowered by a penny in August 2016 and another 3 cents in August 2017 and is currently $0.24. Because of rising property values, the Board of Trustees is projecting to lower the I&S tax rate again in August 2018 and recently approved the early payment of bonds totaling $2,550,000. This early payment of bonds, called Bond Defeasance, is a strategy used to decrease the interest expense paid on the district’s bonds. This specific defeasance saves Burnet CISD over $200,000 in interest payments.

The Board of Trustees is committed to having the lowest possible tax rate while maintaining a commitment to planning for the future, offering the highest quality educational programs and being fiscally responsible while servicing its debt. Approval of the final tax rates will be made when the budget is adopted this August.

The increased property value also means that the property wealth per student in Burnet CISD is projected to reach a threshold defined in law which will result in Burnet CISD being subject to “recapture.” For the first time in the District’s history, Burnet CISD will be sending property taxes generated in Burnet CISD to the State as part of the “Robin Hood” school finance plan. The District is projecting that this recapture payment will be $350,000 for the 2018-2019 school year. These are funds that will not be available to support innovative programs, teacher pay raises or school safety initiatives in Burnet CISD, but will instead be redistributed to other Texas school districts. While some school districts in the State have fallen off the “funding cliff” when they become a “recapture district” the Board of Trustees and administration have been carefully planning for the future, by setting money aside to assist with the projected loss in funding.

The one entity that is benefiting the most from increased property values is the State of Texas. As local property tax collections go up, the amount of state aid to fund education is reduced. This means that the State is contributing a smaller share of funding for Burnet CISD than it has in the past.

Because the State adopts its budget for a biennium, Burnet CISD always plans a two year budget framework so that we are looking ahead for any possible budget challenges like recapture. We take very seriously our responsibility to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and to plan appropriately.”


Annual Meeting June 9th @ 10:00am

Hello Morgan Creek Village Property Owners,

This is a reminder for the upcoming annual meeting on Saturday, June 9th beginning at 10:00 am at the Boat Ramp Park. The meeting will be followed by a lunch provided by the POA. Bring comfortable chairs. RSVP to to help us get an  accurate head count for food. Thanks, and see you there!

Construction & Remodels

May 8, 2018

The MCVPOA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has seen an increase in building activity in the last couple of years and would like to remind homeowners to include the ACC in their planning process. Our covenants require the ACC to approve in writing new builds, exterior remodels, and additions prior to the start of the work.

The ACC has requested notification at least one month before construction is scheduled to begin. The volunteers on the ACC have work and family obligations that often make it difficult for the committee to properly evaluate a proposal on shorter notice. The following information is needed when making a request:

  1. Contact Information including owners and builders names, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses;
  2. Lot number(s) and address of project if applicable;
  3. Describe the scope of the project including exterior building materials;
  4. Rendering including elevations;
  5. Site plan including septic and well locations (new builds or change to these systems);
  6. Approximate construction schedule; and
  7. Any other information that you think will help the ACC (i.e. pictures)

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) members are:

Bob Daemmrich, Chair,

Kevin Benz,

Clay Terrell,


Best regards,
Jim Lee, MCVPOA President


Dock Construction May 2018

Dear Neighbors,

One of our neighbors in MCV requested to build a dock at the ramp area over the next two to three weeks and the MCVPOA Executive Board has approved the request. The boat ramp and dock will be open to all residents during the build. We asked that the build be completed by Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully this project will not interfere with anyone’s enjoyment of Boat Ramp Park.

Thanks for your understanding.

Jim Lee
MCVPOA Executive Board President

Real Estate Offers

Many members of our community have recently received real estate purchase offers in the mail. The purchase offers are from Woodview Properties, LLC. The company is offering well below the market value of the lots in our community. The amount offered is close to 25% of the appraised value of the lots. This notice is to beware if you receive such offers.

New Officers and Committee Members

New faces join the Executive Board and Park and ACC Committees. Thanks for offering your time to support our community. Email me if you’d also like a membership directory. (

Annual Meeting Sat. June 10th

Hello Morgan Creek Village Property Owners,

This is a reminder for the upcoming annual meeting on Saturday, June 10th beginning at 10:00 am at the Boat Ramp Park. The meeting will be followed by a lunch provided by the POA. Bring comfortable chairs. RSVP to before Friday to get a head count on food. Thanks, and see you there!



More Dock Photos

Some additional photos of the new dock with my 4-year olds added for perspective. The dock makes for a great race track for hot wheels too!

New Dock at MCV!

This has been a long time coming, but after a great deal of work and persistence, Morgan Creek Village property owners can now enjoy our new dock. Thanks to Mike Wimberley and all the Park Committee members for their hard work in this endeavor. Make sure to visit the new dock!


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Spring Board/Committee Meeting Notice

The Executive Board, Board of Trustees and Park and Architectural Committees will meet on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 at 3pm at the Boat Ramp Park. Members of the POA are welcome to attend.

San Saba River Controversy

Water is a precious resource in Texas. Some of the Morgan Creek community members wanted to share a petition circulating regarding illegal pumping on the San Saba river. The petition comes to us from the Central Texas Water Coalition–an organization our POA supports and donates to each year.

You can learn more about the issue here:

San Saba

The petition can be found here:


Bobcat on Spider Mountain

A guest of Bob Daemmrich’s was up for the 4th of July weekend and caught this photo while walking around Spider Mountain. Great shot of the local wildlife.HelloKittyJuly42016