Geese lovin’ the park improvements

The park committee has made some much needed improvements to our boat ramp park. Installation of railroad ties and mulch should help to keep our trees healthy. The geese seem quite happy too.Geese At Boat Ramp.jpg


3 thoughts on “Geese lovin’ the park improvements

  1. I agree with Parker!… It would also help if folks quit feeding them as well. Creates a safety hazard. Bird droppings are slick as snot as well as stinking and they’re quite aggressive. Those ties sure destroyed a lot of much needed Truck/trailer parking in the summertime. Another thing, let’s MOVE the gate to the top of the ramp to prevent criminals from using our ramp (LOL) and so that EMS has access to the park. I have personal knowledge of our ambulances. They’re lucky to keep unexpired drugs on board. They NEVER keep updated logs of gate codes…..

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