Taxes and Internet

Hello, everyone,

Property Taxes. You may have recently received a tax increase notice from the Burnet County Appraisal District. Kevin Benz found a local real estate agent – Bruce Jones – who handles property tax protests on your behalf ( So if you want to protest your tax increase, but are uncertain about handling it yourself, this may be an option to investigate.

Internet. I know that internet in our area is very limited. My husband, John, has been investigating different options and the new Starlink system by Elon Musk should be available in our area in mid to late 2021. Its a satellite based system, so no line of sight to towers is required. And the speeds and latency issues of other satellite systems are supposed to not be an issue. You can learn more here: Just wanted to get that on your radar in case it interests you.

Last update. We had a very small meeting of the Executive Board/Trustees/Committees this past Sunday. You should receive an update from us soon, along with our annual property dues notice. We decided to have an in-person membership meeting at the boat ramp, the 2nd Saturday of June at 10am. More info to follow in our annual president’s letter.


One thought on “Taxes and Internet

  1. Just to be clear, Home Tax Shield is the company offering representation for owners interested in protesting your appraisal. They will file your protest and represent you, you need not do anything after you hire them. Bruce Jones is a real estate agent simply offering a 50% discount for those services ($15 rather than $30 per property). I use a service like this one in Austin and it has worked well for me so I signed up. The full cost is $15 (with discount) + 30% of the tax savings they get you. If they don’t lower your taxes, you pay nothing more.

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