Boat ramp closure

Luke’s Asphalt Paving started the Debo and Crest resurfacing project yesterday and will complete the project around noon today. Once they complete the Debo and Crest roads, they will start the Boat Ramp Park resurfacing project. The resurfacing should be completed by Friday afternoon. In order for the surface to properly harden, the Park and Ramp will be closed today through Sunday.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Jim Lee, President MCVPOA


3 thoughts on “Boat ramp closure

  1. It’s looking real good on Debo, Jim. NOW, if we can get the people that drive Crest and Debo to help make it last. All you need to do is drive on a different part of the street each time. Don’t just run it the ruts in the middle because that is what makes the ruts worse. If everyone will drive down each side closer to the edge and on the high parts it will help the new work to last longer. That’s my 2 cents worth. Parker.

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