Archive | June 21, 2015

Rain, Rain, Come and Stay!

What a wonderful way to spend our Saturday morning, huddled under the Arnhamn’s carport, escaping the morning rain showers! Thanks to Joy and Stan Arnhamn we had a comfortable place to hold our annual meeting. The community is looking great with lots of green grass and trees, baby fawns and foxes about, and a lake slowly on the rise. The annual meeting was productive with a good turnout from the membership. The BBQ lunch was an excellent way to finish our morning- Thanks JB Beasley and all the Smith brothers for making sure we were well fed! Below are copies of the Agenda, Minutes, and Treasurer’s Report. I will be updating our site soon to include information about the Fire Wise Community Program (which I’ve already started researching given Randa Toner’s report at the meeting). Also please check the “Resources” page as I will be adding contact information for local contractors that community members have had good experiences using (e.g., cedar/lot clearing, tree trimming, home building, etc.). As always, email Lindsey ( if you would like me to upload photos or share other information on the website. Thanks and Enjoy your Summer!

2015 Annual Meeting Agenda

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

2015 Annual Meeting Treasurer’s Report